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CounterCache – Classic

Our CounterCache units protect well over $3 Billion in global retail cash every single day! The time-tested design stores notes securely just below till height, to reduce the temptation for theft and improve security, while at the same time allowing for simple operation and excellent note presentation.

CounterCache is available in two configurations; the Basic and the Classic (Shown Here), which between them offer a secure cash storage and movement solution for any retail environment.

In both cases the rugged, metal deposit box is locked to a steel mounting at the POS, ready to receive notes.

With the Classic CounterCache cash is stored in an internal cassette inside the deposit box and it is just the cassette that is removable. The cassette can only be accessed with a key and a further key plate is required to release the cassette from the deposit box. The cassette can also be protected by a tamper evident seal to provide a full audit trail of cassettes removed from the POS and transported to the Cash Office.

More Features

The benefits of CounterCache have been further enhanced with our award winning CounterCache intelligent system, which offers additional benefits including note authentication, secure storage from POS to your bank and device management software that gives you total visibility and control of all cash transactions down to till level across your entire business.

  • Robust design and construction enables cash to be stored securely
  • Reduces need for skims and cash till downtime during normal trading and at shift changes
  • No cash is visible, reducing the temptation for theft and improving security
  • Time tested design prevents unauthorised removal of notes
  • Till operators feel less susceptible to attack
  • Streamlines cash handling process
  • Easily fits with existing cash desk configurations
  • Excellent note presentation and storage
  • Dual key access prevents unauthorised access to cash by just one person

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