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QuickCheck (MCD-705)

QuickCheck ( MCD-705) As Seen on Channel 7 News,

Is a fully automatic self-feeding unit which has been thoroughly tested by the RBA with outstanding results. This unit automatically scans the IR, UV, MG and density signatures of notes, and errors should a counterfeit be presented, ideal for checking counterfeit notes before they hit the till.

This device has a very small footprint and sits next to the till where notes of various currencies can be feed through for analysis and validation. Simple for the till operator to use, auto currency check, perfect for foreign exchange outlets, airport retail, hotels, banks, retail and security.

As the new $100 (2020) nears we anticipate the counterfeiters will attempt to move their fakes onto the market in greater numbers.

Be sure to buy a device that includes all the new RBA, Euro and GBP note updates free as you could be spending too much on a device that is not supported for the new note issues. QuickCheck comes with our full service backing.

More Features

Quickcheck  will alarm with an error code on the display when counterfeit notes are detected the operator is instantly alerted in the case of a counterfeit, in less than a second.

Standard configuration: AUD, EUR, GBP, CNY, HKD and USD

Other currencies available include:

We can calibrate most currencies – please email us with your requirements.

Purchase this unit or Rent this machine from $3.25 pw, use the contact tab below for more information


$298 + GST, $10 flat fee freight

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