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PA-1000A UV Detector

Our second device is the UV-1000A, a UV 9w Black-light (UV) with a built-in shroud. This unit ideal for quickly checking for counterfeit notes outlets, hotels, banks, retail and security. The unit lamps illuminates the UV feature on a bank note to confirm authenticity. The unit also has a magnifier to analyses the note more closely.

The UV-1000A unit can verify notes, vouchers, event tickets, door passes, and bank pass books under UV detector or viewing through the x10 lube. This unit now comes with an auto-on lamp sensor which significantly saves lamp life.

The UV-1000A comes with our full service, spare parts and lamps. Our units has also been tested to comply with Australian electrical standards- beware of online imports that use piggy-back plug convertors or non compliant uninsulated plugs, which are illegal in Australia to use in the workplace.

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